Friday, January 22, 2010

Carny Trash... For A Day

I don't know about you, but I love the carnival/Beetlejuice feel of black and white stripes. I'm always on the lookout for awesome garments in this classic pattern with an awesome alty twist. I mean... let's face it, black and white striped pants are just a little too, "One. Big. Dark. Room," for most people. But, that never stopped me from pushing the carny envelope.

Image (c) Forever 21 /

Not only is this skirt a chip off the Beetle block, but it's f*cking cute too! The vertical stripes will make your legs look longer and at only 18'' from the waist to hem, this skirt is actually a bit shorter than it looks. The flared top of waist also helps to hide any awkwardly tucked in blouses. The pleating also sits nicely over the hips, even wider hips, a rarity for Forever 21, where the clothes are all on some bizarre unregulated size scale. I managed to find one of these skirts at my local F21, but it's also available at Forever Try calling your local F21 to see if they have it in stock before venturing out, as their retail stores are notorious for being a clusterf*ck of confused fashion. At only $19.80, this adorable skirt will get you far! But wait, there's more!

Image (c) Sarah May Photography / Love Child Boudoir

Wow! This opera-style shrug from Love Child Boudoir is stunning! Love Child Boudoir, one of my favorite Etsy sellers, has lots of shrugs and tie on bustles at wonderful prices for custom made garments. I fell in love with this shrug long after discovering Love Child, but have always been a fan and own a few of their pieces. More on those later, but now... the shrugs! These faux collars wrap around the neck and over the arms and tie with ribbon at the middle back. While some shrugs on the market are more like jackets, these shrugs are fully adjustable to any size, so there's no worry about it not fitting. Check out Love Child Boudoir on Etsy for more of their great products ranging from $20 for tops and shrugs to $120 for jackets and specialty items. This particular striped shrug weighs in at $40 because of the detailing. Most items ship for around $10 to the States from the UK. Not a bad deal for some awesome custom made pieces that are sure to stand out!

Coming soon! An interview with Philly photographer and progressive dark artist S. Jenx, mastermind of The Fall Studios and Obscura: In Counter Culture We Trust. See what he has to say about art and the rumor that he doesn't even exist. S. Jenx launches his new book, "The Desecration Diaries," tonight at Digital Ferret Records off South Street in Philly.


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