Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Corset that Won't Break the Bank? No Such Thing!

I wanted to keep this little gem a secret from the mass public, but it's really too awesome to keep between myself and friends. Recently, I stumbled across Naughty Design Studio on ebay, and was skeptical about the quality of their corsets. They had stunning designs, but the price point worried me. I talked about this seller with fellow models Lily Lisa and Chloe Von Creepy who both had ordered from this seller. I was too impatient to hear if they enjoyed their purchases and ordered my own. I picked the style below.

Image (c) Naughty Design Studio / Model: Bernie Dexter

Isn't Bernie Dexter beautiful? Seeing her as the spokes-model for this brand gave me confidence that the quality would be good, and it was a great gable to take. For the price point, these corsets are of outstanding quality for the casual wearer.

These corsets are made of organic cotton and have 12 flat steel bones on standard models, 20 flat bones on a waist training corset, and include thick vintage style removable garter straps and ribbon to lace the back if you don't want the cord it comes laced with. They claim the corsets are hand made, but they are tagged as "Made in India." Boo. But, the quality is quite good and the bones are strong and solid. The front busk closure is very solid and the back lacing is supported by heavy grommets and flat steel bones.

Here's me in my corset. I achieved a 4 inch reduction with my roommate lacing me in quickly. We didn't lace it as tight at it could go at the top or bottom. I apologize for the low quality. The shot is from my cell phone.


My torso is a bit short, so this standard length corset became a long line for me. On someone with a longer torso, this corset would hit mid-hip.

These corsets are not cut to fit and come in standard sizes with 2'' increments and starting at 20'' and going up to 38''. Their introductory price range is from $50 to $70 dollars for under and over-bust corsets. Their waist trainer is $110. Check out the full catalog for all their beautiful styles. They even have amazing sequin covered ones!

A little about corsets for those of you who have never owned one or are used to the mall-bought plastic boned bustiers:

Corsets were traditionally undergarments worn by both men and women from the 16th to 19th century. The main purpose of a corset was to shape the figure by creating a tapered waist. There was a period during the 1800's where the smaller the waist, the more beautiful a woman was seen as. This is where most of the myths concerning the dangers of corsetry come from. Today, many women and some men continue to wear corsets to achieve a slimmer body shape. However, caution should be taken when wearing a corset, especially a steel boned one. A good rule of thumb for wearing corsets is that if it hurts, you're doing it wrong. When a corset is tightened properly, you should not have shortness of breath or any pain in your ribs. Over-wearing corsets for extended hours on a daily basis can be dangerous if you lace them too tightly. Also, waist training is a process that shifts the organs and ribs to permanently create a smaller waist and should only be attempted by those with an extensive knowledge of corsetry and with heavy boned corsets made for the wearer. If you try to train too tightly or with a mass produced corset, you can put excess pressure on your organs and ribs.

Like anything, wearing a corset is only dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. There are many websites out there which have very extensive descriptions of the proper ways to wear different style corsets.

Come this week, an interview with S. Jenx of The Fall Studios!


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  1. i want you and Lily to stuff me into a corset sometimes. i want my waist to go ::poof!:: 3 inches smaller!