Wednesday, January 20, 2010

That Sh*t's Ugly...

...and I f*cking love it.

Being a model, I have been a thrifty shopper for several years. I love finding adorable clothes at amazing prices. And I love sharing those finds with my friends. I literally find dozens of amazing clothes and shoes every day, either at the mall or online.

Now, I'll be sharing all of that here for anyone who cares. Not only will I have up my own personal fashion picks, but also their price range and where to find them. And, since I buy more clothes and shoes than is practical, I'll also have reviews of what I personally purchase, so you can check out whether it's worth your hard earned dollars too.

Yes, there are tons of save-money-look-good blogs out there, so what makes mine any different? I'm catering specifically to my people, the alternative community. Anyone who's lived in the underground knows that it doesn't come cheap. Things like latex and corsets are not only hard to come by, but are expensive. Fetish shoes, also can cost a bundle. I'll be posting my favorite places to get these coveted items at the best prices I can find, to save everyone else the search.

Looking for something specific? I probably am too! So comments and emails about specific items are welcome any time. And since I love shopping so much, I won't hesitate to start a new search.

While this is a new blog, expect a fashion find later today!


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