Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No Mystery Here, Scully!

Who doesn't like a good pair of heels, right? These sequinned wonders are not only eye catching, but, decked out in digiskulls, they also have an edge that is sure to cut.

Image (c) IronFist /

Available in green with purple skulls and black with pink skulls (above) these shoes from Iron Fist are not subtle footwear. While they are wonderful for adding a spark to any outfit, I wouldn't recommend them for office wear unless you have an amazing job.

Available from, these shoes retail for $45. Eh... I don't think so. The bargain: or your local Hot Topic store may have these stellar heels in stock, along with other Iron Fist beauties, starting at $32.99!

What's your say on light reflecting sequin and rhinestone heels? Vote on the poll to the right!


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